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Reconciliation & relationship building

Donors, board, volunteers, corporate partners, community and team

imposters anonymous

Mimosa Ketley

Jan 2024

Community Engagement: Upsizing Impact by Empowering People

Stephanie Leblanc

Oct 2023

Reconciliation in Philanthropy 

Mitch Huguenin and

Julie Davis

Apr 2022

Corporate Prospect to Corporate Partner

Heather Nelson
OCT 2021

Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Neil Hannam
JAN 2019

Corporate Partnerships

Denny Young
MAY 2018

What Donors Want to Know

Sam Laprade
OCT 2018

Myths vs. Facts – Generational Fundraising Shift

Hannah Routly
MAR 2017

Prospect Research and Management

Shannon Byers
NOV 2017

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