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Fundraising fundamentals

Trends, campaigns, direct mails, events, planned giving, database management

What's so major about major gifts

Panel Discussion
NOV 2022

Creative Deviations

John Lepp

FEB 2023

Take your application to the next level and get your grant (almost) every time

Jen Johnstone

JAN 2021

Workshop: Monthly Giving Totally Rocks!

Sam Laprade

MAY 2021

Gathering Evidence of Impact

Judith Koke

APR 2021

Utilizing Customer-Centric Innovation to set your non-profit up for long-term success

Dennis Geelen

OCT 2020

Emerging Trends in Philanthropy

Nicole Gagliardi

SEP 2018

Creating impact through donor-centered fundraising

Lesley Heighway

JAN 2017

Self Care in Fundraising

Jane Wilder

NOV 2017

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