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Note that information contained in these presentations might be dated

You’ve Got Mail

Neil Hannam

JAN 2016

Stop Wasting Time Networking

Karen August

FEB 2016

How to Tell When You’ve Got a Real News Story AND How to Use a Media Release to Give it Traction

Jane Davidson
APR 2016

Emerging Challenges & Trends in Fundraising

Chonee Dennis
SEP 2016

Building Strong Board and Staff Fundraising Teams

Cynthia Armour
OCT 2016

Digging through your Database

Steve MacDonald & Dave Adams
NOV 2016

Social Enterprise 101

Frances Wilbur & Natalie Napier
JAN 2015

Media, Market, Message in Social Media

Jeannine Taylor
FEB 2015

Youth Engagement

Nicole Gagliardi

MAR 2015

Helping your Board “Get It”

Neil Hannam & Bob Baker
APR 2015

Professional Accreditation

Theresa Butler-Porter
MAY 2015

Best practices in Donor Stewardship

Dianne Lister
OCT 2015

Reciprocal Relationships in Foundation Philanthropy

John Good, Syd Birrell, Nancy Martin, Jenn Miller

NOV 2015

Strategic Planning Innovation

Jonathan Bennett

FEB 2014

Events Planning

Victoria van Veen, Lisa Clarke
MAR 2014

Summer Survival Strategies

Cynthia Armour
MAY 2014

The 10 Commandments of Fundraising Events

Lisa Clarke
SEP 2014

Organizational Storytelling

Carol Lawless
OCT 2014

Media Panel Discussion

NOV 2014

Strategic Planning for Fund Developers

FEB 2013

Engaging Your Board

MAR 2013

Engaging Tomorrow's Youth in Volunteerism

MAY 2013

The Social Kind of Innovation

SEP 2013

7 Secrets to Social Media

OCT 2013

OTF Information Session

FEB 2012

Building Communities via Social Media

MAR 2012

Social Media Strategizing

APR 2012

Donor Stewardship

MAY 2012

Trends in Fundraising

OCT 2012

Strategic Communication and Issue Management

FEB 2011

Building Your Membership

MAR 2011

What Your Donors Aren't Telling You

SEP 2011

The Board's Role in Fundraising Success

OCT 2011

Philanthropic Trends

NOV 2011

Writing Direct Mails

FEB 2010

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

MAR 2010

Fundraising with Generation X & Y

APR 2010

Creating a Successful Year-End Fundraising Appeal

MAY 2010

Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough

SEP 2010

Planned Giving - Theory vs. Reality

OCT 2010

Stewardship Best Practices in Canada

NOV 2010

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