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Past session resources

Interested in learning more about a specific topic? Explore some of our past presentations here! 


Fundraising fundamentals

Trends, campaigns, direct mails, events, planned giving, database management

Trends, Planning & strategy

Fundraising strategies, project management, trends, planning

Reconciliation & relationship building

Donors, board, volunteers, corporate partners, community and team

Marketing & Communication

Storytelling, social media, media relations

Best practices and policies

EDI, CFRE, laws and regulations, accessibility, best practice

Presentations from 2016 and older can be found in our archive.

list of past sessions


JAN 2023: How to avoid burnout and balance it all, Lacey Kempinski & Dr. Emily Bennett

FEB 2023: Direct Marketing, John Lepp

MAR 2023: Government relations, Lauren Hunt

APR 2023: Reconciliation in Philanthropy, Mitch Huguenin & Julie Davis

MAY 2023: Workshop: Secrets of Major Gifts Fundraising, Rudy Massimo

SEP 2023: Current fundraising Trends and WORKSHOP: Planned giving, Paul Nazareth

OCT 2023: Community Engagement: Upsizing Impact by Empowering People PLUS Intro: Volunteer Peterborough, Stephanie LeBlanc & Lois Tuffin

NOV 2023: Vital Focus on Peterborough's Charitable Sector, Jennifer DeBues



JAN 2022: Using Grant Connect part of your fundraising strategy, Eeman Khan

FEB 2022: Integrating Social Media Effectively for a Fundraising Boost, Brock Warner

MAR 2022: Planned Giving, Lesley Heighway

APR 2022: Benefits of Project Management, Jeremy Spencley

MAY 2022: Workshop: Dismantling Harmful Best Practices in Philanthropy & Fundraising, Tanya Hannah Rumble and Nicole McVan

SEP 2022: Philanthropy during a pandemic, Chonee Dennis

OCT 2022: To Be or Not To Be - Events in the Age of COVID, Jessica Santhippillai, Yvonne Lai

NOV 2022: What's so Major about Major Gifts? Emily Vassiliadis, Alex Tindale, Anne Ondercin



JAN 2021: Granted - Take your application to the next level and get your grant (almost) every time, Jen Johnstone

FEB 2021: The Power of Storytelling, Carol Lawless & Lois Tuffin

MAR 2021: How to become a CFRE, Dane Bland

APR 2021: Gathering Evidence of Impact, Judith Koke

MAY 2021: Workshop: Monthly Giving Totally Rocks! Sam Laprade

SEP 2021: Ontario Not-for Profit Corporations, Benjamin Miller

OCT 2021: Corporate Prospect to Corporate Partner , Heather Nelson

NOV 2021: Understanding how to implement a successful accessibility strategy, Adam Spencer



JAN 2020: Budgeting Basics, Martin Barclay

APR 2020: Virtual Coffee Klatch

MAY 2020: Workshop: Major Gifts in a COVID-19 world, Nicole Beatty

JUN 2020: Transitioning to Virtual - a moderated discussion with Victoria van Veen

JUL 2020: Planning for Virtual Events, Sarah Bass, Alex Tindale, Carol Lawless, Joanne Sokolowski

SEP 2020: Lessons in Pot, Sam Laprade

OCT 2020: Utilizing Customer-Centric Innovation to set your non-profit up for long-term success, Dennis Geelen

NOV 2020: Giving Trends, Theresa Marques



JAN 2019: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy, Neil Hannam

FEB 2019: Rural Giving in Peterborough Kawartha, Dianne Lister, Jennifer Cureton, Tara King

MAR 2019: Donor Lifecycle Panning, Ted Brown & Adrian Fernandes

APR 2019: To CFRE or Not to CFRE, Emily Vassiliadis, Cynthia J. Armour, Julie Davis, Mike McClintock, Dane Shumak

MAY 2019: Maximize Online Donations with Google Ad Grants, Cory Marazzo & Jamie McClure

AUG 2019: Workshop: Getting Permission to Fundraise, Denny Young

SEP 2019: How Generous is the Generous Business Community? Stu Harrison

OCT 2019: Money Mindset and Fundraising, Cathy Mann

NOV 2019: When Women Give, Theresa Butler-Porter



JAN 2018: Ethically Speaking, Ann Rosenfield

FEB 2018: What is Prospect Management All About? Shannon Byers & Brenda Boyes

MAR 2018: Inclusivity in Fundraising, Kemi Akapo, Kim Dolan, Carol Lawless & Casey Ready

APR 2018: Giving Tuesday Webinar, Lys Hugessen

MAY 2018: Corporate Partnerships, Denny Young

SEP 2018: Emerging Trends in Philanthropy, Nicole Gagliardi

OCT 2018: What Donors Want to Know, Sam Laprade



JAN 2017: Creating impact through donor-centered fundraising, Lesley Heighway

MAR 2017: Myths vs. Facts – Generational Fundraising Shift, Hannah Routly

OCT 2017: Developing a Work Plan for Sustainability, Nicole Beatty

NOV 2017: Self Care in Fundraising, Jane Wilders

NOV 2017: Prospect Research and Management, Shannon Byers



JAN 2016: You’ve Got Mail, Neil Hannam

FEB 2016: Stop Wasting Time Networking, Karen August

APR 2016: How to Tell When You’ve Got a Real News Story AND How to Use a Media Release to Give it Traction, Jane Davidson

SEP 2016: Emerging Challenges & Trends in Fundraising, Chonee Dennis

OCT 2016: Building Strong Board and Staff Fundraising Teams, Cynthia Armour

NOV 2016: Digging through your Database, Steve MacDonald & Dave Adams



JAN 2015: Social Enterprise 101, Frances Wilbur & Natalie Napier

FEB 2015: Media, Market, Message in Social Media, Jeannine Taylor

MAR 2015: Youth Engagement, Nicole Gagliardi

APR 2015: Helping your Board “Get It”, Neil Hannam & Bob Baker

MAY 2015: Professional Accreditation, Theresa Butler-Porter

OCT 2015: Best practices in Donor Stewardship, Dianne Lister

NOV 2015: Reciprocal Relationships in Foundation Philanthropy, John Good, Syd Birrell, Nancy Martin, Jenn Miller



FEB 2014: Strategic Planning Innovation

MAR 2014: Events Planning

MAY 2014: Summer Survival Strategies, Cynthia Armour

SEP 2014: The 10 Commandments of Fundraising Events, Lisa Clarke

OCT 2014: Organizational Storytelling, Carol Lawless

NOV 2014: Media Panel Discussion



FEB 2013: Strategic Planning for Fund Developers

MAR 2013: Engaging Your Board

MAY 2013: Engaging Tomorrow's Youth in Volunteerism

SEP 2013: The Social Kind of Innovation

OCT 2013: 7 Secrets to Social Media



FEB 2012: OTF Information Session

MAR 2012: Building Communities via Social Media

APR 2012: Social Media Strategizing

MAY 2012: Donor Stewardship

OCT 2012: Trends in Fundraising



FEB 2011: Strategic Communication and Issue Management

MAR 2011: Building Your Membership

SEP 2011: What Your Donors Aren't Telling You

OCT 2011: The Board's Role in Fundraising Success

NOV 2011: Philanthropic Trends



FEB 2010: Writing Direct Mails

MAR 2010: Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

APR 2010: Fundraising with Generation X & Y Presentation

MAY 2010: Creating a Successful Year-End Fundraising Appeal

SEPT 2010: Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough

OCT 2010: Planned Giving - Theory vs. Reality

NOV 2010: Stewardship Best Practices in Canada

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